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Web Site Promotion - how to build traffic on your Photography, Advertising Agency, Graphic Design sites.

You’ve found this page because you’ve clicked on a hyperlink on one of my (Michael Ray) web pages.  You are probably in the process of trying to accumulate some incoming links to your web page and you're on the hunt for related sites that help you with that.  That’s great. You’ve come to the right place.  

Yes, I would be interested in exchanging links, if your site is relevant to either the photography of the Advertising industry.  In fact, I’d like to exchange three links with you. 

I own several sites and I’m in the process of promoting some of my sites more than others.  I can put your link on three of my sites if you will put links on your site for three of my sites.  Since the search engines value reciprocal less than one-way links, I suggest we do this:

You put these three links on your site:

OhioCreatives.com – Directory of Advertising, Design, and Photography companies in Ohio

<a href="http://www.ohiocreatives.com" target="_blank">OhioCreatives.com</a> &#150; Directory of Advertising, Design, and Photography companies in Ohio

PghPeople.com – Pittsburgh Wedding Photography / wedding photographer web site

<a href="http://www.pghpeople.com" target="_blank">PghPeople.com</a> &#150; Pittsburgh Wedding Photography / wedding photographer web site

ProfessionalPhotography101.com – Advanced Professional Photography how-to site

<a href="http://www.professionalphotography101.com" target="_blank">ProfessionalPhotography101.com</a> &#150; Advanced Professional Photography how-to site

If you need to change things around a little to fit your page design, please feel free.

And to promote your web site, I will put a link to your site on these three sites of mine:

link page - http://www.foodportfolio.com/links/page%20of%20links.html

Link page - http://www.michaelray.com/*navigation/otherstuff/LinkPage.html

Links at bottom of index page

By the way... If you see any pages of mine (listed on the left) that you would prefer to be linked from, instead of the three I'm suggestion, just let me know and I'm sure that we can work something out.

Any questions? Please email me and we'll talk about it.